Saturday, 6 March 2010

I love spring


I feel spring! The weather is cold but my blood is hot. I love spring!


Sequins♡Sparkles said...

you look nice as far as i can see.
your hair is beautiful!
thank you for your comment on my blog! you have a nice blog too.

Emma said...

i love spirng more than anything! it is so lovely with that warm, fresh air, and that you don't need to wear more clothes than usual, but that you can wear whatever you want to. it is a couple of + degrees in oslo, but i think it will be near ten the next days! you are beautiful(have you ever concidered modeling? or do you do some modeling? you should:) and your hair is beautiful and your smile!!

xxxxx emma

(is this your blog now, or which is your 'main' blog?)

Pearlpink and Babyblue said...

Haha naci pics!